Frequently Asked Questions:


Should I put dry heat (such as a heating pad) on sore and swollen muscles?
It is not recommended to put dry heat on muscles with inflammation. It should be moist heat, such as a steamed towel.
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Pros & Cons to wearing a back support belt?

Pros- with heavy lifting a back support belt can give you added support and protection to your core muscles.


Cons- when wearing a support belt for a prolonged time it can cause atrophy to the core muscles.


I hurt my back, will acupressure, deep tissue massage, or cupping, help or fix my issues?
One may help and one may not,  it all depends on your body's makeup and injury.


I have trouble sleeping, can deep tissue massage help me?
Yes in some cases but not all.  Deep tissue massage help a great deal with relaxing the body and mind.


Can I get a massage while pregnant?
Yes! There is a name for this it's called prenatal massage and you would lay on your side,  massage while pregnant is highly beneficial due to all the changes within the body.


My daughter has Cerebral Palsy can massage help her?
Yes massage can help, some muscles will atrophy so massage will lengthen the muscles and force blood into the blocked areas where blood supply and circulation is slow going.


I'm a bodybuilder in perfect health how can massage help me?
Massage helps lengthen muscles and increase blood flow accelerates muscle recuperation and when lengthening muscles this can help reduce injuries.

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